Eye care

Our eyes are on continues stress due to many factors like, working atmosphere, exposure to extreme climatic conditions, pollution, less daily intake of water, excess usage of computers and mobile phones, lack of adequate sleep etc...

Dryness of eyes is a common problem affecting mainly working population and children, it is not uncommon in old age too. Due to the above-mentioned reasons people will have less tendency to blink their eyes, which leads to lack of lubrication of eyes which intern will led to dryness of eyes.Dryness of eyes also happens when any blockage happens to the ducts supplying tears for lubrication of eyes, which will led to dryness of eyes.

Major symptoms of dryness are

  • Burning sensation of eyes
  • Itching
  • Feeling irritation in eyes
  • Pain
  • Swelling in eyelids
  • Difficulty to blink

Neglecting these symptoms will led to aggression of the symptoms and leads to further complications

Ayurveda has given us a solution for these conditions and we at COREBIOTICS has an effective plan to manage your dryness of eyes, which includes

  • Pouch massage
  • Herbal soothing of eyes
  • Eye massage
  • Herbal lubrication of eyes
  • Herbal eye wash
  • Medicated oil dropping in head

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