Sense organ refresher

The eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin play a key role in making our life beautiful. The synchronised performance of all sense organs enriches our life experiences.
Just as over exertion or excessive physical activity makes you tired, exertion to the sense organs can also make you worn out and exhausted.
Let’s look at the activities of each sense organ one by one.
Staring at screens for long durations can make you tired easily. Being continually exposed to loud noise can bog you down. Foul odour can make you feel unwell. Frequent intake of stale or junk food can affect your taste buds and tongue, weakening your sense of taste. Exposure to extreme climatic conditions can irritate your skin, making it look tired and dull.
Studies show that this weakening of sense organs can not only lead to diseases of the particular organ, rather, it has the potential to alter your mood, sense of well-being etc. People with tired sense organs will have to deal with irritability, lack of sleep and a disrupted sleep cycle, low appetite, skin diseases, mood swings, depression, decreasing productivity etc.

With extensive research, we at COREBIOTICS have found a solution to refresh your sense organs. We have separate treatment protocols for each sense organ to rejuvenate them.

The Treatment methods


  • Eye massage
  • Herbal rejuvenator paste application
  • Herbal eye wash
  • Pouch massage


  • Herbal oil, plant extracts dropping procedure
  • Medicated smoke with herbals


  • Special pinna massage
  • Herbal oil holding procedure


  • Herbal pasting
  • Medicated oiling of tongue
  • Medicated water holding procedure


  • Moisturising massage for skin
  • Medicated oil bath
  • Nutritional bath
  • Herbal pasting and scrapping
  • Herbal wrapping

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