The Fat Burner

Obesity is one of the biggest challenges in health care today. One among the most common lifestyle diseases today, it is also the cause of several other lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, etc.
BMI (Body mass index) is generally considered as the value which decides whether a person is obese or not. However, in a condition known as central obesity (fat deposition around the belly, which is also known to cause lifestyle diseases), the central obese person will be well behind the marking line of obesity according to BMI.

There are many factors which can lead to obesity, some of them are

  • Food habits
  • Certain diseases or body conditions
  • Obesity due to medicine reaction
  • Genetic predisposition

Obesity in all cases except due to genetic cause is manageable to a great extent. We at COREBIOTICS, backed by Ayurveda, have the most effective solution for your obesity.

  • Powder rubbing techniques
  • Paste and drug techniques
  • Herbal wrapping techniques
  • Medicinal bath with fat burning herbs

Obesity caused by food habits can be brought under control using the above methods. Obesity due to other conditions can be managed by treating the root cause with the help of internal medication and by later by following the above methods.

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